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Welcome to Supreme Healing Remedies

It is important to know that you need more than just a body to have a happy and fulfilled life. It is crucial that you have a healthy body to enjoy in this life. Supreme Healing Remedies goal is provide information, news,  and ideas about healing your body the natural way to help you have a  a more healthier and happier life.

Here's to your good health, love and laughter!
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Key Terms

decoction- a healing remedy that is made by boiling roots, stems and bark of a herb.

infusion- herbal remedy made by boiling the leaves, flowers, or petals of the herb in empty teabags or a clean cloth.

tincture-homemade remedy made with herbs and 100 proof vodka.


All information provided at Supreme Healing Remedies is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice and should not be used as such.