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Be Kind to Your Mouth

Do you chew on ice after drinking your favorite refreshing drink?

Are a lemon sucker?

Do you brush your teeth in a up and down manner?

Hear what experts are saying about these habits and your teeth. If you like to keep that beautiful smile then you might want to read this.

According to Assistant Professor, of periodontics at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry these habits can be bad for your teeth.

Take for instance, iced drinks are soooo good, but chewing on the ice may be damaging to your teeth. Dental Specialists suggest that chewing on ice could cause your teeth to crack and metal filling material will expand and you'll run the risk of losing a filling.

After we finish quenching our thirst with iced tea, we tend to suck on the lemon garnish. Those lemons are a healthy citrus fruit, citrus acid can extract valuable minerals from your teeth making them vulnerable to teeth erosion over time.

Proper brushing is the beat protection against having exposure of you roots. That is what happen when the gum tissue around teeth is pulled away by brushing vertical. For that reason, it is recommended to brush in a circular motion tilting your toothbrush in a slight angle.

Source: Prevention's Guide
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Key Terms

decoction- a healing remedy that is made by boiling roots, stems and bark of a herb.

infusion- herbal remedy made by boiling the leaves, flowers, or petals of the herb in empty teabags or a clean cloth.

tincture-homemade remedy made with herbs and 100 proof vodka.


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