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How to Stop an Headache in Minutes

Stop letting headaches keep you from doing things that are an important part of your daily activities and your well-being. Those headaches are seemingly common to many folks and they can be more than just a pain in the head.

Many medical gurus have expressed their knowledge and experience toward the idea of natural remedies for relieving headaches. As you will see most of these remedies are that of of our ancestors. There's real connections between the headache remedies - that is they are drug free and effective.

These are completely natural ways to stop a headache:

A quick way to head off headaches is to apply either a ice pack wrapped in a towel or heat to your forehead depending on the type of headache. The heat option works better for tension headaches. Tension is believed to be a problem for most people. It happen when the muscles in the neck tighten and cause the flow of the blood to the brain to decline.

I use this remedy almost everytime I get the first sign of a headache. I simply wrap my head with a headband, bandanna, or scarf. This seems to work well for me.

Another, remedy that medical experts claim that stops a headaches is by using a massage technique to get some relief from the pain.

Feel your headache fade away by taking some deep breaths in a quiet and peaceful environment such your bedroom.

When you feel a headache fearing up taking a walk or some type of exercise might do the trick. You might choose to get you game face on. According to Author, Harry C. Ehrantrout of "The Drugless Way of Last Relief' writes how to make faces at pain.

Making faces at Pain

1. Raise and lower your eyebrows of both and then each eyebrow
2. Squint both eyes closed quickly and do the same with each eye seperate.
3. Frown deeply.
4. Yawn widely.
5. Move your jaw from side to side.
6. Wrinkle your nose.
7. Make faces until the headache go away.

Researchers from the, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, suggests that making an appointment with sex even when you have a headache might be an excellent choice. The research show that women benefit greatly after having sex.

Let's try a good herbal remedy for headaches. Among the best herbs used to banish headaches are blackhaw, dandelion, feverfew, meadowsweet, & white willow. Many of there herbs contains salicin, the active ingredient found in a aspirin. In their natural form they are used to make a tea and/or decoction. Depending on the variation of the herb a decoction can be made by boiling either the bark,root, leaves of the herb of your choice with appropriate amount of water. It is recommended that no more than 3 cups of these drinks per day. These herbs are available in the form of capsules, pills,infusions, tinctures and decoctions . Some health shops might also have herbs in its raw form too. Herbs are wonderful forthose who suffer from the common headache and migranes.
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Key Terms

decoction- a healing remedy that is made by boiling roots, stems and bark of a herb.

infusion- herbal remedy made by boiling the leaves, flowers, or petals of the herb in empty teabags or a clean cloth.

tincture-homemade remedy made with herbs and 100 proof vodka.


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