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Good, Bad, And Ugly Yeast Infection

I am often reminded of the saying, " In all things there is some good and bad." It sometimes seem hard to keep the former balanced and separated from the latter.

Maybe from this we can better understand how bacteria in the human body work. Imagine what happens when good bacteria, that our body so much need, become disturbed or destroyed.

As a result, a yeast infection often occur in the vaginal area, penis, or the mouth. What's the sign of a yeast infection? That embarrassing thick, white, cottage-like discharge accomplished by itching and burning sensation.

To maintain a balance between the good and bad bacteria head off infections by taking a anti-fungal medicine and home remedies that responds to yeast infection quite well and quickly.
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Key Terms

decoction- a healing remedy that is made by boiling roots, stems and bark of a herb.

infusion- herbal remedy made by boiling the leaves, flowers, or petals of the herb in empty teabags or a clean cloth.

tincture-homemade remedy made with herbs and 100 proof vodka.


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