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Effective Homemade Athlete's Foot Powder

It seems like yesterday, I met the most charming and handsome man you ever wanted to met. In him I found everything I was hoping for in a man. That's the moment, I though it would be no more searching for me. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but this man just was perfect to me in every way. He would always refused to take off his socks. Something happened one day and I saw his feet. What he had was a severe case of athlete's food disease. I grew up in home that used many homemade healing remedies. My dad suffered with foot problems and my mama would make cure using cornstarch and/or baking soda that she mixed with a few drops of olive oil. It seemed to work for my dad, so I make foot powder for my lover boy. I have since discovered a more practical receipe for making athlete's foot powder.

Homemade Athlete's Foot Powder

1 oz baking soda
1 oz finely ground sage leaves
1 oz arrowroot powder
1 oz goldenseal herb powdered
3 oz powered clay
5 drops eucalyptus (globulus) essential oil
10 ounce of each: tea tree, cypress, geranium essential oils
20 oz lavander essential oil

Use a large bowl or blender. Add the powders first, then add the essential oils one at a time. Pay attention to mix well. Store in a airtight container.

These ingredients can be purchased at food, specialty, health food, on-line and aromatherapy stores.

Essential oils are generally safe and has a proven record of effectiveness in treating athlete's foot. Actually, essential oils provides forms of therapy to the whole body. The athlete's foot powder acts a a protective barrier that will help keep the foot moisture-free and relieve the fungal infection symptoms.
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Key Terms

decoction- a healing remedy that is made by boiling roots, stems and bark of a herb.

infusion- herbal remedy made by boiling the leaves, flowers, or petals of the herb in empty teabags or a clean cloth.

tincture-homemade remedy made with herbs and 100 proof vodka.


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